Born in Prague, Czech Republic. Live in Prague.
I deal with a landscape and it’s coexistence with a man. I treat landscape as a painter, a sculptor, an architect and a photographer and combine all these fieldsin one.



Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava


MA degree in The Academy of Art, Architecture and design in
Prague. Sculpture, conceptual and intermedia art studios



The Faculty of Arts at the Charles University, Prague, art history

1985 - 1989

Václav Hollar School of Fine Art , Prague


Grants, awards, residences


UNESCO - Aschberg Program, Artist in Residence, Amman, Jordan
1997 New Names, Prague House of Photography
1993 - 1994  The Academy of Fine Arts Prague, painting
1993 l'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs, photography,
painting, sculpture
1993 Academy Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht, The Nederlands, painting


After studying at a Fine Art oriented vocational school in Prague, I enrolled in the Art History program at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles Univeristy in Prague, where I was primarily interested in folk architecture. Afterwards, I continued my education at Prague's Academy of Art, Architecture and Design (VŠUP), in Adéla Matasová's Intermedia Studio.

At that time I also studied abroad at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Academie Beldeende Kunsten in Maastricht, Holland and locally at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague with František Hodonský. I focused on landscape painting, three-dimensional work, various artistic crafts and materials (mosaics, graphic arts techniques, ceramics, sculpture techniques, metalworking, blacksmithing, welding, photography, textiles, drawing), finally completing my degree at VŠUP in the Sculpture Studio headed by Kurt Gebauer with my thesis work entitled Krajinky (Countrysides). Conseqently, I attended the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava (ITF).

I've always been interested in the countryside, and more so the inhabited countryside and its coexistence with humans. I purchased a house, and made plans to move to the countryside. Nothing became of my plans, but my hunger for the countryside and houses remained. Initially, I painted everything, then sculpted, and continuously took photographs. Sculpting through the lens is what I was left with. The cycle Krajinky contains 30 landscape sculptures primarily made of soft materials, which stem from photography, and that move ever so slightly; they „breathe" or their „pulses throb". During my studies at ITF, I found myself in Moravia, where for several years I created vermin out of oak at the forest park in Slavičín. I later published a catalogue on this project. When the park was, for all practical purposes, suddenly destroyed, I felt the need to grasp the countryside in a more complex manner, to capture the existing sculptures and call them to people's attention. In this manner the photographic series Rourouni (Pipesters), among others, was created. During the socialist era this particular system of pipes „evaginated" from the Baťa Factory in Zlín, which I originally intended to paint pink in order to draw attention to it as an existing sculptural object, however, in the end I opted for a series of black and white photographs on which I coloured the pipes pink, and an accompanying catalogue in the form of a children's board book, obviously designated for adults.

Subsequently, the photographic sculpture cycle Summerhouses, presented here, came into being (along with a small catalogue), capturing cottages or huts as sculptures materializing the human pursuit of happiness. Other projects have included capturing images of organically layered constructions through long photographic exposures in Jordan and Syria, pen and ink illustrations for the book Feline Incantations - Irish Ballads and Legends (Argo Publishing), depicting images of landscapes and interiors, making use of the characteristic errors and images of the amateur photographer, later the photographic project Místa - Bukurešt (Locations - Bucharest) capturing the urbanistic relationship between buildings and the influence of individual locations, and finally, the project Auta - vozítka (Automobiles - Vehicles), a return to what is hardly a Czech phenomenon alone, operational handmade domestic vehicles.

I currently reside in Prague. I have been exhibiting, for the most part abroad, from 1991. I make my living through various activites, mostly commercial illustration, mural painting, and less frequently through photography, interior design, restoration, the teaching of photography and other skills privately... - all in order to sustain my space to play and create.

Translation: Jolana Novotná, Jenifer Helia DeFelice