In 2009 I started to make a film based on my photography book SUMMERHOUSES - the Architecture of Human Dreams and Possibilities. An auteur documentary series about personalities of Czech summerhouses and their owners is being made.

Separate parts are devoted to thematic chapters of the book - the architecture of summerhouses associated with tramping, First Republic and socialism. Another thematic chapters Glasshouses, Built Anew, Social Relationships, Fences, Garden Sculpture and Material are involved in these parts.

Personified personalities of the summerhouses are the main heroes of the film. The summerhouse owners are captured more in their reflections and their relationship to place. They are present in the film together with changes of weather and insects, but they are almost visually impercetible. Their time seems to go faster than the time of buildings and forest, yet in the end the time of the summerhouses goes fast - one third of the summerhouses from the book does not exist any more.

The film in contrast to photography enables to work with movement, time, spoken word and sound and thus to approach and to introduce the subject of small great architecture and her function to fulfill human happiness to different audience than than the exhibition or the book

This auteur documentary film is produced by the Film & Sociologie s.r.o. production company.