The photography project Summerhouses started systematically in 2000. Between 2001 and 2005, I made efforts to map cottages in the whole Czech Republic.

I selected specimens that were artistically distinct, which strongly reflected the personality of their constructor and owner, both in a positive and negative sense. I leave their evaluation up to the spectator and time.

The cottages are photographed only from the exterior, from the spot that enables one to characterize them best. As far as possible, I kept the color scheme rich, undistorted, without any direct sunlight. I opted for pure, unmodified color photography, the cine-film format, taking a large number of them.

From 2001 onward, the project, balancing on the border between architecture, sculpture, installation, and photography, started to live its own life. The imaginations of these Czech cottage creators has not only been exhibited in the Czech Republic, but all over the world as well (see the list of exhibitions) at almost 20 group and solo exhibitions.

I install the photographs directly on the wall, on plastic boards, in ever changing mutual contexts. Every installation is distinct (see photo), thus giving rise to new complexes each time, but the principles of the positioning of photographs and their mutual influences are similar. The position of the cottages is photographed from above or from underneath, from the left side or the right side, creating the framework for the complex. Furthermore, the photographs that are more distinct (as regards color or shape), similar, or, on the contrary, different in their details, time, and topic are linked together. In this way, an interconnected organism comes into existence, with absurd relationships and neighbourhoods, reflecting reality in its own manner.

The final series contains 500 pictures 13,3 x 20,00cm on a 2,8 cm thick board, selected from among several thousands of photographs taken.